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Solar Module Manufacturing Lines


Solergy International markets and distributes automated and manual solar production equipment from several manufacturers including:

  • Cell Testers
  • Automated Tabber & Stringer (various throughputs
  • Manual Tabbers & Stringers
  • Manual, Guided or Robotic Layup
  • Bussing Station
  • Sandwich Station
  • Automatic and Manual Laminators
  • Semi-Automatic and /or Robotic Framing Machines
  • Framing Station
  • Inline and Offline Sun Simulators
  • Junction Box Fixing Station
  • High Voltage Test Station
  • Sun Simulator Station

Apart from these equipments we can also offer a complete range of ancillary equipment including but not limited to various stations for bussing, manual soldering, buffers, glass and module carriers etc to complete a Solar Panel Manufacturing Line. We also offer Glass Washing Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, EVA and Tedlar Cutting machines and a full range or lab equipment.

Please email us at or fill out our quotation form for additional information and pricing.

turnkey solary module manufacturing line
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