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Aluminum Helidecks

Helipad Helideck Marine Hospitals Oil Rigs Helicopter

Low weight: Made from extruded aluminum alloy. Typically 70% lighter than comparable steel decks. Extruded aluminum profiles join together by a tongue and groove connection.

Zero maintenance: Engineered to avoid corrosion traps. Only marking painting is required. Fasteners, bolts, nuts, washers, etc, are all stainless steel.

No friction paint required: 2.5mm high serration provides sufficient friction on the landing that meets the requirements from authorities and class.

Heat tracing: The deck can be delivered with electrical heating cables for winter or rooftop operations and where the use of rope net should be avoided.

Drainage gutters: Drainage gutters all around Size 200 x 200mm with 50mm high edge to retain water and foam, brackets for flood and perimetry lights and rope net tensioners, grating at access points and short, flanged tubes for connection to the drainage piping from the gutter to an agreed point.

Support: Tie down fittings prefabricated from aluminum with steel plates and are bolted underneath the girders for connection to the support by welding

Additional Accessories: Access/escape routes, platforms, fire fighting (see below)and rescue equipment, drainage piping, support structure and lights. Safety net frames and supports. Call or email for additional information.

Helideck Helipad Helicopter Oil Rig Hospital
Safety Features

Fire safety: The deck can be delivered with Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System as strongly recommended in the CAP 437. A number of pop-up nozzles in the deck surface will deliver water/foam mixture that extinguishes fuel fires in less than 15 seconds, as recommended. Fire monitors and hose reels will not be required.

Lightening control, Perimetry lights, flood lights and illuminated wind sock, ex or strd as required. Firefighting equipment Monitors, extinguishers, deck integrated fire fighting systems. and rescue equipment as required by client and actual regulations. Piping for firefighting equipment Platforms etc Platforms for firefighting equipment, stairs, ladders and walkways for helideck access and escape routes Support structure design Design and class approval for fabrication by client.


Helideck Helipad Marine Helicopter
Installation and Ease of Use
Assembly is best done at the customer’s yard saving the high transport cost for an assembled helideck. Kapp Aluminum can provide a supervisor or the entire assembly crew. Packing for delivery is designed to fit road transport and final assembly will normally take no more than 3 weeks. Approvals from class and authorities will be taken care of by our engineering staff.
Helideck Helipad Helicopter Safety Marine Yacht
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